About Wheatfields

 About Wheatfields

Wheatfields Gourmet Grocer & Cafe is unusual, unique and ground-breaking concept for the region. It is home of foods that are nutritious, delicious, health-conscious and budget-friendly all at once.

Themed for freshness, from the colours of the walls to the choice of woods and from an abundance of ingredients and consumables to the pleasing market-style decor, Wheatfields is synonymous with quality and variety.

Customers have come to love our wide variety of fresh produce, atypical food products, exotic ingredients, and healthy snacks and meals cooked on the premises. Our team of trained chefs and waiting staffs ensure that every visit to the store is special – whether they choose to shop for food, or sit back to savour it with us.

To be one of the leading supermarkets chain in the region by providing a wide variety of products to consumers that fulfil their daily needs and match their lifestyles, and become an integral part of every community we operate in.

To bring benefits to the communities of the UAE by providing value, quality and convenience at all times. position

Seddiq Al Hashmi
With more than 35 years of experience in retail business management, he has solid know-how in logistics procurement, competitive pricing, strategic business planning, marketing research, management administration and productive decision making.

Members of our senior management have been handpicked from across industries and geographies to head highly inclusive and participatory teams who share one unifying culture, and one focused commitment to serve the customer. With distinguished careers in the consumer retail, food and beverage, supply-chain and hospitality sectors – especially at competing international brands – they collectively bring many years of valuable experience.

Led by them, our multi-ethnic, multi-talented teams are trained to understand the needs and demands of the cosmopolitan communities we operate in, and remain dedicated to overcoming barriers and boundaries that stand in the way.

“The portions are decent size and the prices reasonable, so it is good value for money – a refreshing thing in Abu Dhabi. Wheatfields is definitely a breath of fresh air, and we can’t wait to see what else they bring from the farm to the table.” Editorial review, Abu Dhabi World

“It is probably the richest deli in town as it serves plenty of healthy salads: cauliflower couscous with curry, kale with almonds and cranberries, freshly prepared dal, quinoa with peppers and apricots, fritata with mashroom or zucchini, lasagne, burritos. they also prepare daily smoothies that are organic, paleo, vegan and sugar-free, and also 100% organic pressed juices with fruits and veggies, yougurt parfait and other healthy items. Editorial review, Abu Dhabi Confidential


“Any dietary preference will be indulged since much of the food is cooked at the order and not dished readymade from tub. What is already prepared covers such as a nutritious array that your choice for grab-and -go is limitless.  Most importantly, the staff cares. Not any restaurant will accommodate your plant-based, gluten-free, no-colour-blue inhibitions. Wheatfields will.  This was our favourite Abu Dhabi stop by far. The food is amazing, and the staff’s devotion is one-of-a kind. The prices are great, too.”

Editorial review, Dubai Bites

“Wheatfields is my favourite place in Abu Dhabi to eat. Sadly I don’t live near it, so I order loads to take home each time I go.” Customer review, Best Bites, Abu Dhabi